Perl Programmer

Job Description

We are an established and still rapidly growing digital media management company,
both in our user base and in our application scope. Our backbone product is a rich
media content management toolkit for building Web applications. These applications
create and capture live streaming video content, and creatively monitor, describe,
search, and present that content around the world. We are located in downtown Los

In this position, you will be developing with a team of other Perl developers in
a Linux environment. They will be developing new features and maintaining current
systems using Perl, SQL, stored procedures under PostgreSQL, Template::Toolkit, and
Oracle. The ideal Candidate will be responsible for optimizing systems for stability,
scalability and efficiency. Also, they will responsible for designing and optimizing
database schema, queries and stored procedures. As well as, locating and fixing
bugs in the existing code base in a timely manner. They will provide technical
assistance by responding to inquires from users regarding errors, problems or
questions about programs and consult with users to design code reports/programs
to meet their requirements.

Minimum Requirements
  1. Must have 2 + years with Perl and RDMS experience utilizing SQL.
  2. Must have experience working with a RDMS using DBI.
  3. Should have experience with multiple storage techniques (flat files, DB Berkeley, etc.)
  4. Must have HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and web development experience.
Desirable Skills
  1. 4+ years of Perl in a Linux environment
  2. 2 to 4 years working with databases including complex joins, updates, and inserts
  3. PostgreSQL, mySQL and Oracle database experience
  4. PL/pgSQL experience
  5. FastCGI or mod_perl experience
  6. Template::Toolkit experience
  7. Object Oriented Perl development
  8. Writing CGI’s using Zeus and Apache