Java Programmer

Job Description

We are an established and still rapidly growing digital media management company, both in our user base and in our application scope. Our backbone product is a rich media content management toolkit for building Web applications. These applications create and capture live streaming video content, and creatively monitor, describe, search, and present that content around the world. We are located in downtown Los Angeles.

Applicant will have a strong application design background and experience weighing conceptual business requirements and real-world restrictions to make technical design decisions. Just as important are non-technical life skills such as the ability to manage a project, meet deadlines, work with a team, and communicate clearly both verbally and on paper. Obviously, formidable OO programming and Java knowledge are essential.

Our constant growth creates abundant opportunities to mold the position to your skills and personality. You will have the opportunity to work at all levels of the software engineering timeline presentations and requirements meetings directly with business clients, designing global distributed systems , optimizing and refining existing systems , and managing project resources and timelines; you will have the opportunity to work with major technology companies on some of their newest and most ambitious software we are beta partners with Oracle and Macromedia, and frequently discuss our design concepts with their engineering teams; and you will have the opportunity to learn on the job an important part of our company philosophy mandates ongoing employee training, both internal and external, so you can move your career the direction you want.

Minimum Requirements
  1. Must have 3 to 5 year experience J2EE distributed system design
  2. J2EE application server knowledge (Oracle, BEA,Weblogic, Jrun, JBoss, etc.)
  3. Data modeling experience
  4. SQL proficiency
  5. Verbal and written communication skills
  6. Self-motivation, passion, and creativity
Desirable Skills
  1. J2EE certifications
  2. Custom Tag libraries
  3. JUnit Testing tools
  4. J2ME and i-mode or i-appli technologies
  5. Other Java: JMF, JESI, JUnit, Jabber
  6. Oracle 10gAppServer and WebCache clusters
  7. JDeveloper/OC4J
  8. Oracle 9i Database (10g coming soon)
  9. Macromedia Flash MX
  10. Macromedia Flash Communication Servers
  11. Macromedia Flash-Java Remoting
  12. RTMP (Flash) streams
  13. Other streaming video (MPEG2, MPEG4, etc)