Application Security

Job Description

Hypermedia Systems , Inc. is a premier developer of Internet solutions. We specialize in Video Chat, Rich Media and eCommerce systems utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced development techniques. Our primary business targets are the Japanese and other Asian markets. Hypermedia Systems , Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles. We offer an exciting fast-paced environment with many challenging projects. We are large enough to provide a stable work environment, yet small enough to present many opportunities for growth and advancement. We currently have approximately 100 full-time employees on staff.

We are currently seeking Application Security professionals to work with multiple product teams in specialty areas.

Job Duties
  1. Assist product teams in ensuring security occurs at all phases and steps of the SDLC
  2. Understand product teams’ current and planned application architectures, project plans, and goals
  3. Lead the overall application review process
  4. Identify application vulnerabilities using suite of security tools, and develop test plans
  5. Ensure protection of sensitive data / provide encryption at all network layers. Isolate sensitive data and ensure appropriate additional countermeasures and monitoring takes place.
  6. Champion, evangelize, and facilitate processes intrinsic to security, including change management and change control, access control, identity management, privilege separation, etc.
  7. Recommend solutions and assist creation of secure development environments
  8. Propose architectural changes, and design, coordinate, and implement these changes at both a procedural and technology level
Desirable Skills
  1. C, C++, Perl, Java, JSP, ASP, PHP, etc.
  2. Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL
  3. Any direct experience with OWASP type threats, i.e. buffer overflows, SQL injection, input validation, broken access control, etc.
  4. Security tools: WebInspect, AppDetective, FoundScan, Nmap, Nessus, N-Stealth, Nikto, etc.
  5. Previous SDLC documentation experience. More documentation at interview = better.
  6. Experience with eCommerce, credit card processing, fraud detection / risk management, or affiliate systems strongly preferred
  7. General open-source aptitude, especially participation in open-source projects
  8. SysAdmin experience, or good working knowledge of Solaris, Linux, BSD, or any other *nix OS.